Club Rules

Chelsea Pedlars Rules and Regulations

All players and the management committee are required to abide by the following rules and regulations of Chelsea Pedlars Bicycle Polo Club. These rules govern: the payment by players of membership fees; the attendance and behaviour of players at matches and training; the high standard of conduct expected by everyone connected with the Club; management committee rules.

1.0 Players’ Membership

Membership of the club is open to anyone of any age.

To become a playing member of the club you must:
1. Complete a Club registration form to the satisfaction of the Club Secretary.
2. Pay the Club annual registration fee.

2.0 Club Fees

The membership fees payable for season 2016-17 will be an annual registration fee of £60 or a daily registration fee of £15.

2.1 Registration fee

An annual registration fee is payable by all members and a daily registration fee is payable by all visitors other than on their first 3 visits.  A player shall not be eligible to play for the Club until such time as the registration fee has been paid (unless otherwise agreed by the Management Committee). The registration fee shall be payable by 1 May every year or, if later, the date of admission to the Club.

3.0 Risk and safety assessment

Before play begins a risk and safety assessment must be carried out:

1. Playing field to be marked out
2. Playing field to be inspected for holes, wet patches, debris etc.
3. All bikes to be checked mechanically
4. Bike wheels and tyres to be checked for wear or other signs of weakness
5. First aid kit available
6. Sticks to be checked for damage

4.0 Players Code of Conduct

As a player you should:

1. Always play to the best of your ability and within the spirit and laws of the game.
2. Avoid all forms of overtly aggressive or intimidating play.
3. Avoid all violent and dangerous play. In particular, no physical contact is allowed, including contact of sticks with bikes or other players.
4. Never use inappropriate, foul or abusive language whether it is directed at match officials; opposition players or management; your team-mates or manager, assistant and coach; spectators; no-one in particular.
5. Always accept the referee’s/officials’ decisions without any adverse comment and without showing any form of dissent.
6. Treat everyone with respect at all times including: officials; your own team-mates and manager, assistant and coach; the opposition players and management; and supporters
7. Not consume alcohol either before playing or during play.
8. Always ride within your limits of safe control, especially with respect to speed and stopping distance.

Framework training / matches

  1. All players and visitors must sign in with a committee member before they can play
  2. Before any play starts, a risk and safety assessment must be carried out
  3. A designated referee will be on the playing field at all times
  4. Only bikes approved by the management committee may be used. In particular, no mountain bikes or bmx bikes may be used.
  5. Perpetrators of physical contact, whether deliberate or not, will be sent off the field for 2 minutes for a first offence, 3 minutes for a second offence, 5 minutes for a third offence and then for the rest of the session for a fourth offence

5.0 Management Committee

1. The Management Committee will be made up of the following:

Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Committee members.

2. One person can hold a maximum of two positions.

3. A maximum of 10 persons maybe on the Management Committee at one time

4. Members of the Management Committee cannot be voted off the committee, unless in breach of the Club Codes of Conduct.

5. Persons wishing to join the Management Committee must first ask the permission of the Chairman. If he/she is in acceptance then the committee must vote at the next meeting on whether to allow the new person to join.