Bike Polo Rules

There are a few basic rules that will get you started:

Bike polo is made up of two teams trying to score goals against each other. Games are played on either grass fields (which we play) or tarmac courts (known as hardcourt).

Teams are made up of five active players, one as goalkeeper and four at outfield players (and two or three subs)

Players hold the mallet in their right hand and can’t touch the ground while in possession of the ball or while attacking an opponent. If they do put their foot down so they must move away to let others play and are unable to touch the ball until it has been hit by another player or bike.

Opponents must  always be attacked from the side the ball is on. It is considered dangerous play if when you are going in to tackle they have to slow or change direction to avoid a crash.

The ball can be hit on either side of the bike, you can tackle the opposition but you can not ‘ride them off’ as in horse polo (physical contact is not allowed).

Generally speaking the person in control of the ball has the right of way (unless you are playing International 4 player rules when the line rule similar to horse polo pertains).  When playing with a goalkeeper they always have the right of way within the goal area.

Cyclists score by hitting the ball into the goal of the opposing team.