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Bike Polo is simply great fun, brilliant exercise and much more accessible and affordable than the equine version.

Chelsea Pedlars welcomes everyone irrespective of age, sex, ability or any other attribute. Please just pop down to South Park and have a go or sign up as a regular member (see Membership). You can have had a quick preview by watching our video…

We have bikes and mallets you can borrow.

What is Bike Polo?

Considered by some as an extreme sport, bike polo is traditional polo with a twist.   We play the original grass version which is gentler than the new urban version also known as hardcourt polo.  All that is needed is some grass,  a bike, a mallet, a small ball and a desire to compete (we have loan equipment for new-comers and regular members)

The History of Bike Polo.

The first bike polo game was organised in Dublin in October 1891. What may come as a surprise to many is that bike polo became an Olympic Exhibition Sport in 1908, but fell into decline with the advent of mass motoring. The Chelsea Pedlars re-activated the sport in the mid-1980s, playing on grass as per the Club’s tradition.  This original grass polo game is less confrontational than the new hardcourt game which started a few years back in the States and has been growing across the world.

There are several teams in England as well as France, Ireland, Scotland and Germany.

Why play bike polo?

Bike polo is played outdoors so it is a great way to work the main muscles groups while enjoying London. There is a large bike polo league in London, the UK and abroad.

It is a great form of fitness, utilising and improving coordination skills. It will bring out the competitor in you and release your inner sports star.  It also is a great way to network and expand your social contacts.

How do I start?

It is easy: just show up!  The Chelsea Pedlars, like most teams, are always looking for more members (any age, any sex).  Just show up and join in-we provide bikes and mallets (bring your own helmet if required) or email chelsea.pedlars@gmail.com.

The Chelsea Pedlars play every Wednesday evening during the summer months from 6.30pm at South Park near Parsons Green. We will provide equipment or participants can bring their own.

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